To determine a reasonable price for supported living in Florida, several factors need to be considered. Because there’s a wide range of living arrangements and a wide range of services, it’s delicate to say what’s “reasonable”. For families, or an individual (seriously faced with an immediate decision), ferocious exploration, grounded on an honest appraisal of the existent’s requirements and income, will need to be accepted. assisted living facilities for sale in Florida

Basic Fee

Principally, supported living in Florida provides” room and board”. That’s to say, it isn’t a medical installation, indeed though they must be certified. That said, installations could range from the veritably plush to the bare bones minimal in their accommodation styles. Choice will depend on income capability. An average figure for supported living in Florida ranges between $60 and $80 per day($1800-$2400) for the basics, room and board, housekeeping, linens and refections, with serviceability paid. These introductory costs can escalate when colorful other charges are added for grooming, particular care and other special services.


A medium- range supported living installation in Florida moment is original to the public normal of$ 3100 per month for a one- bedroom, single residency furnishing practical particular care as well as medical care for itinerant residers, whose average age is 85. The range is from$750-$8000 per month. Considering the $70-$300 per day figure ($2100-$9000/mo.) in a nursing home, the costs can feel fairly reasonable. Some individualities may suppose about the fact that it does not bring this important per month to live in a private hearthstone. True. What’s involved then, still, is the cost of the labor force, needed to operate the installation, in addition to the licensure charges, levies and insurance needed by law. There’s a menu of fresh services, handed by some installations, conforming of a particular aid to help with nearly any fresh conditions.

Fee arrangements

The figure schedule may be arranged by parcel month-to-month agreement or a contractual agreement, subject to a chance down payment, followed by yearly payments. Anon-refundable security deposit is needed by utmost installations offering supported living in Florida.

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